Only trying an ebike you can appreciate how easy it is to pedal effortlessly up hill, enjoying the landscape.


Landscapes hidden to the crowd, easy ups and exciting downs among the colours and scents of Cinque Terre.


Riding an ebike is easy and enjoyable: it is not stressing and you can chat pedalling up hill, and after the ride you can taste the luscious local products!


Ebike is a green activity and enables you to visit our place in the respect of nature, enjoying all its beauty.

You don’t need any training to enjoy an ebike tour; you just need a comfortable outfit and a pair of sneakers.
The Cinque Terre tour will take you through unconventional places, like  sanctuaries, vineyards grown on terraces, villages perched up in the hills overlooking the sea, while tasting the authentic local foods and wines. You can chose between three itineraries that will let you experience the Cinque Terre landscape from a new perspective, while having fun and without effort.

1, 2, 3... which one will you choose? 

1. Discovering Baie del Levante: Framura e Bonassola

We leave Levanto taking minor roads in the direction of Genova. The first 6km climb, and the slower pace helps us to fully enjoy the wonderful views. On reaching the top we stop briefly to view the red marble quarries,
a stone typical of this area. We continue with the sea to our left and stop at the village of Costa, the highest of the villages that make up Framura. [a typical Ligurian group of five separate hamlets lying between the mountains and the sea.] here we visit the church of St Martin which dates from the 12th century and the Guards Tower from the Carolingian Period (10th Century) built on a sort of sea terrace. Continuing around Mount Serro we descend to Setta and Anzo, other tiny villages with their respective towers, down to the little port of Framura. We return to the cycle path taking the “lift above the seas“, rising slowly and with a cool breeze we pass Bonassola, where we visit the parish church of Saint Catherine, before returning to Levanto. And all this without missing a typical Ligurian meal of a glass of white wine and a strip of delicious focaccia.

2. Shrines and Wineyards, cycling in the Cinque Terre

We load the bikes on the train in Levanto with destination Riomaggiore; after about 20 minutes we start pedaling.
The road starts immediately steep, we cross Riomaggiore passing in front of the church of San Giovanni Battista and take the provincial road; for a moment the islands of Palmaria and Tino appear in front of us.
We climb slow and we can fully appreciate the territory around us. We arrive in Volastra and we visit the Sanctuary. Now the road is flat, below us before Corniglia and then Vernazza, this is the most scenic part of the tour. We make many stops for taking photos and to admire the vineyards that descend towards the sea with the typical rack trains that are used for the harvest. We are finally at the highest point, the Termine pass, here begins the descent. In a few minutes we are at the Sanctuary of Soviore above Monterosso, we visit the church and in the shade of holm oaks we taste a glass of local white wine with a bit of focaccia. A few minutes of fun descent and we are in Levanto.

18 Km

the shortest itinerary

28 Km

the longest itinerary


the minimum age to participate


the number of itineraries

100 km

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our expert guide will take you where you like


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no no, only sport shoes


we provide you with a bottle that will be refilled on the road


ebikein has been founded in Levanto in 2015 with the idea of exploiting Ligurian territory by sustainable tourism suitable for everybody. Nothing better than an electric bike.
ebikein is a society of Ligurian tourism entrepreneurs, well aware of the potential of coasts and hinterland, in addition to the usual seaside summer activities.
ebikein wants to be a new idea of tourism, preserving traditions with innovation. Having fun :)


Hotelier, occasional blogger, biker overweight.


Gourmand, hotelier and event organizer. Lover of the land and culture of Levanto.


Entrepreneur out of necessity, for pleasure bikers. For him, life is a beautiful woman, a beautiful bike, a great vacation, an emotion and a glass of red wine.

Pier Luigi

He lives in Levanto for six years where I started a family and an hotel. He's also a producer of classical music concerts and being a bit' overweight was immediately in love with the ebikes. Fisherman with mixed results. Adores Bruce Springsteen.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to move (Albert Einstein)


Obstetrical in Genoa and in Uganda, then a waitress and bartender in the Genoese alleys. She loves being around people, meeting new people and listen to stories of travels and adventures in the world.



Irene Viaggiatrice nell'anima, psicologa, amante della natura e del vivere sano, vi sorprenderò con il mio amore per Levanto.

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Our ebikes are pedal-assist bicycles. Our ebikes are provided with a motor activated by pedalling only, helping the cyclist. In other words, when its motor is off, an ebike is similar to a standard bike. The battery lasts for about 100 km, and it is more than enough for all our tours. Our bikes are Atala e-powered by Bosch and are fitted with large bags to carry your belongings. We also offer unaccompanied rentals.



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